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 Looking For Gold?

It was neat to watch the helicopter conducting an airborne geophysical survey over Wawa Lake and the south shore, and Wawa Creek area late yesterday afternoon.  The best part was watching it fly over William Teddy Park.

William Teddy Park (Mackey Point) is where Louise Towab and William Teddy found gold in 1897. By September, it is said that some 1,700 claims had been staked. Ontario’s first Mining Recorder’s Office was set up, WaWa City was surveyed and registered two years later. South of that location a number of gold mines were developed through the years, Citadel being the last operating mine.

Hopefully this new survey, with most likely the latest and greatest will reveal the secrets beneath the surface… is there more hidden gold? Is it a deposit rich enough to mine?

Even if not, it was fun watching this helicopter conducting this low level survey.

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From the President and CEO of Augustine Ventures

Dear Friends of Augustine,

An article from the April /May 2014 issue of Resource World is attached for your information. The article is accurate in its portrayal of both AugustineVentures and the current state of the equity market for junior gold exploration companies. As you may know, we did raise in March of this year $262,500 in an interim placement of our ongoing Private Placement of $2.8 million (see News Release of November 11, 2013). $215,250 of this is flow through funding which is primarily being spent on reclogging and sampling historic cores and placing the data into the 3D geological model for the Wawa Gold Project, all under the direct supervision of our Senior Project Geologist, Dr. Ed Walker. The results of the work to date continue to increase our confidence that with the completion of the Private Placement and commencement of the planned field exploration program, the known gold resource of 1.1 million ounces gold at 1.5 g/t contained in 22 million tonnes of ore (NI 43-101 compliant) will be both increased and improved.

When one considers the recent experiences of major gold mining companies with respect to their assets in foreign jurisdictions, the attractiveness of Augustine’s Wawa Gold Project becomes very evident: a known resource in a safe and stable political regime and in a former or “brownfield” mining camp with ready infrastructure in place and no social issues.

To access article click HERE, Go to page #44

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April/May, 2014

Dr. Robert (Bob) Dodds represented Augustine to participate at PDAC Mining Matters and Community Mining Information Night in Wawa

April 16, 2013


Article from The Algoma News for interviewing of Dr. Robert (Bob) Dodds

April 3, 2013


Augustine Hockey Hall of Fame PDAC Hospitality

March 5, 2013


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